Title: Windows 7
Duration: 5 hours
Videos: 93

Learn Microsoft Windows 7

Course Description

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Windows 7

Chapter 9 – Networking

Chapter 13 – Games

Chapter 14 – Miscellaneous

Windows 7 Online Training Course Overview

Watch our Windows 7 training tutorials from any computer, iPad, or iPhone. Without the physical limitations of a training CD or DVD, our Windows 7 training course can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

From customizing icons and installing printers to adding wireless networks and defining internet security, you’ll master Windows 7 with this 5-hour video training course:

  • Learn to view and find files—without a lengthy search.
  • Get familiar with WordPad documents and adding sticky notes to the desktop.
  • Discover how to customize your workspace with icons, backgrounds, and screensavers.
  • Find out about Windows Updates and hard drive maintenance issues.
  • Learn to set-up wireless networks and printers.
  • Set your audio preferences and discover how to work with photos and the Media Center.
  • Figure out how to configure the Windows 7 Firewall and to implement passwords.
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