Title: Photoshop Elements 14
Duration: 15 hours
Videos: 125

Learn Photoshop Elements 14

Course Description

We all have seen amazing photos of people, nature and events that look absolutely perfect, leading us to believe that they’ve been “Photoshopped.” Now you can have the advanced skills you’ll need to turn your photos into masterpieces. This 15-hour course will have you using Photoshop Elements 14 like a pro.

Follow your expert trainer through step-by-step video tutorials that cover the following topics:

Exercise files will give you real-world practice so you can get confident with applying what you’ve learned.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Startup

Chapter 3: Quick Start

Chapter 4: The Organizer – Part 1

Chapter 9: Editing in Expert Mode – Part 1

Chapter 10: Guided Editing – Part 1

Chapter 11: Text

Chapter 13: The Organizer – Part 2

Chapter 14: Backup and Restore

Chapter 15: Acquring Content – Part 2

Chapter 16: Editing in Expert Mode – Part 2

Chapter 19: Guided Editing – Part 2

Chapter 21: Working with Lighting

Chapter 23: Filters

Chaoter 24: Styles and Effects

Chapter 25: Painting and Drawing

Chapter 26: Text Effects

Chapter 27: Blending Modes

Chapter 28: Projects

Chapter 29: The Organizer – Part 3

Chapter 30: Conclusion

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