How to Insert Comments in Excel 2013

Comments are notes that you can attach to a cell that may serve as reminders, explanation on something, or feedback to other users. The note is separate from the cell content so it does not get in the way of your data. When you are working on a complex worksheet, or perhaps even just a simple one, adding comments is a convenient tool you can use to put additional information about the spreadsheet.

How to Insert a Comment in Excel 2013

1. Select the cell that you would want to add a comment.

2. Go to the Review tab of the Ribbon. In the Comments group, click on New Comment.

Review Tab in Excel 2013

3. A comment box with the name of the user appears and here you can start typing in your comment.

4. To close the comment, click anywhere else in the worksheet and your comment is now in place.

One way to know if there is a comment in the Excel worksheet is through the red arrow or wedge found on the upper right corner of a cell. When you hover over that particular cell, the comment box appears.

An alternative way of inserting a comment, aside from going to Review tab of the Ribbon, is via the contextual menu. To do this:

1. Right click on the cell that you would like write a comment.

2. On the contextual menu, click on Insert Comment.

Contextual Menu in Excel 2013

3. Type in your comment on the comment box.

4. Click anywhere else in the worksheet to hide the comment.

Buttons in the Comments group

One thing you will notice about the buttons/commands in Comments group is that they are context sensitive; they change depending on the circumstance that applies. For example, if you click on a cell that doesn’t have a comment, the New Comment button appears while the Delete button is disabled. If you click on a cell with a comment, the New Comment button now becomes an Edit Comment button and the Delete button is enabled.

Review Tab Commands in Excel 2013

Review Tab Buttons in Excel 2013

In a situation wherein there are a number of comments in the worksheet, you can use the Previous and Next buttons also found in the Comments group of the Review tab to quickly go through the comments or review them all.

Showing or Hiding Comments in Excel 2013

To manually determine when to show and hide comments:

1. Click on the cell containing a comment.

2. Go to the Review tab > Comments group and click on Show/Hide Comment. When the comment is shown, whether you hover over the cell or not, the comment box remains revealed on your worksheet. When it is hidden, the comment box is only shown when you hover over the cell.

3. You can also opt to Show All Comments to reveal all comments on your worksheet simultaneously.


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