Using Burndown Reports with Microsoft Project 2013

Synopsis: A Burndown Report includes graphical comparisons of planned, completed and remaining work and tasks. In this article we look at how to use this newly-introduced feature of Project 2013. Burndown Reports have become popular amongst users of lighter project management methodologies, but they can provide useful information in an easily-understood form whatever your approach to your projects. Here is a sample building project that is well behind schedule. Bad weather has delayed work on

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How to Archive Email in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Archiving is an important process in Outlook 2013, and involves deleting or moving old files to a different file location. Outlook 2013 provides two ways to Archive: AutoArchiving and Manual Archiving. AutoArchiving can be done through the AutoArchiving Settings which contains an AutoArchiving Dialog. This dialog contains numerous options that control how often Outlook AutoArchives, whether Outlook prompts the user before Archiving, and selecting Age Limits for Archiving. Manual Archiving

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Inserting, Reordering, Renaming and Deleting Pages in Publisher 2013

In Publisher 2013 there are several particularly important functions pertaining to pages: Insert, Reorder, Rename and Delete. Pages can be Inserted into publications through the Insert Tab as well as the Insert Page dialogue, allowing users to insert single or multiple pages into a publication either as blank documents or duplicates of existing pages. Reordering pages can be done through the Pages pane as well as through the Move command. Similarly, pages can be Renamed or Deleted through the

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How to Insert Basic Shapes in Microsoft Publisher 2013

Inserting Basic Shapes is one method of editing publications in Publisher 2013, enabling users to add design elements as well as create illustrations and visual interest. In other words, Shapes are useful because they can greatly alter the look of a publication, and are themselves customizable. Shapes are Inserted through a Shape gallery in the Insert Tab and by subsequently dragging the shape into the publication Workspace. Inserted Shapes can be edited in Publisher 2013 in various ways,

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How to Setup Appointments and Meetings in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 features a Calendar mode that gives users access to multiple color-coded calendars corresponding to different accounts. The Ribbon function is noticeably different in Calendar mode than in Email mode, featuring different options in Tabs as well as unique Contextual Tabs. Calendar mode involves two general types of events, Appointments and Meetings, and allows users to create and manage them through various options. Appointments and Meetings appear in bold numbering within the

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How to Create Pivot Charts in Excel 2013

The Pivot Chart in Excel 2013 is very similar to the Pivot Table, presenting comparable information in a more visually oriented manner; thus, Pivot Charts are useful for live presentations and meetings. Pivot Charts should be created from existing Pivot Tables through the Pivot Chart button, and necessarily Filters and other restrictions on the Pivot Table apply to the Pivot Chart as well. Working with Pivot Charts in Excel involves various controls, such as the contextual Analyze, Design and

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Learn What’s New in the Word 2013 Workspace

The Workspace in Microsoft Word 2013 is the layout of commands in the screen available to the user. The upper part of the Workspace contains elements like the Quick Access Toolbar, Ribbon, as well as the standard Windows Close, Minimize/Maximize and Help buttons. The bottom of the Workspace contains the Status Bar, which includes Zoom and Mode controls. The Backstage View contains information about documents in the Info Tab, Advanced Properties command, the Statistics Tab and a Show Documents

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How to Create a Signature Line in Microsoft Outlook 2013

Email Signatures are an additional element of emails in Outlook 2013, containing information such as Phone Number, Company Name and Address. Signatures can be created and added through the Insert Tab, by clicking on Signature and selecting New. Outlook allows for specific Signatures to be set as default and particular Signatures to be associated with email accounts. Creating a new Signature involves assigning it a Name, which then appears in the drop-down Signature dialog. Signatures can be

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How to Create a New PowerPoint 2013 Presentation

Style and color are very important when making a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Getting your message across in an elegant and appealing way is easily accomplished by changing the slide background colour. Here is how you do it: • First, open your PowerPoint 2013 Presentation. • Next, click on the button to the far right of the main control panel, it features a paint bucket and says ‘Format background’. • From this screen you can adjust the background colour of your slide. Some

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How to Create Charts and Graphs in Excel 2010 Using Design Tab

Excel 2010 possesses numerous options and tools which augment a user’s ability to create and edit charts and graphs. The Context Menu enables various chart options, and the Switch Row and Column command allows users to manually switch rows and columns in an Excel chart. Additionally, the Select Data button enables switching of the rows and columns while also allowing for moving and editing text, by prompting a Select Data dialogue. Additional chart styles and formats are available through

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How to Create Charts and Graphs Using Excel 2010

Excel 2010 allows users to create charts and graphs through various commands and tools, specifically through multiple keyboard shortcuts available in Excel as well as the Insert Charts Dialogue. The dialogue is available in the Insert Tab’s Charts Group, which also contains various charts arranged categorically. The multiple chart types and presentations available in the dialogue allow several different approaches to presenting a given data set. A Change Chart Type dialogue is also available

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